CRAC Infosystems Pvt. Ltd. has often provided consultancy services to clients to advise then on the suitable hardware and software to meet the business and future requirements of clients. These consultancy assignments have included complex multi-location sites often connected via Internet/ VPN/ WAN for mission critical and secure 24 x 7 x 365 operations.


CRAC Infosystems Pvt. Ltd. deals in ISDN & leased line products and has successfully provided complete solution for Installation and upgradation of networked offices, depots and cyber caféa by providing total turnkey solution and support to clients all over India . CRAC Infosystems Pvt. Ltd. has already successfully completed many such projects.
CRAC Infosystems Pvt. Ltd. also provide complete video conferencing systems to set up a face-to-face communication.


CRAC Infosystems Pvt. Ltd. have successfully provided the networking solutions for Corporate houses and carrier network.
CRAC Infosystems Pvt. Ltd. established Total Quality Management Program to perform any type of Local Area Network (LAN) Local Intranet. E.g. Structured (Active, Passive), Fiber, Thick on NT, Novel and Unix.CRAC Infosystems Pvt. Ltd. has successfully provided networking solutions to different Government & Non-Government offices.


CRAC Infosystems Pvt. Ltd. has a reputed place among its clients for computer education and training during last years. In fact, CRAC Group was initially formed with a base objective of providing computer training in 1989. Clients get to benefit from the expertise of our well-qualified and experienced instructors.